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Lead pastor, author, and development specialist.

After focusing for more than a decade on discipleship and strategic planning in a large vibrant church, Patrick longed to demonstrate that any local fellowship could implement a limitless vision and Spirit-centred vibrancy. He currently serves at SouthPine Community Church – Brisbane Australia.

Resources to lead your people into a new experience of God and growth

The Rhythms of Grace series are designed to catalyse new spiritual growth in people by equipping them to partner with God in profound new ways.

Begin the journey.

Discovering the next stage in our walk God often requires a new rhythm. We need to do something different in the strength we have, relying on God to bring new grace for a new day. In this book readers discover the Rhythms of Grace that unlock new seasons. They are: Walking & Working; Spirit & Truth; Repent & Believe; and Faith & Deeds. A great introduction to the dynamics of growing a more powerful walk with God.

Great as a church-wide campaign, small-group series, or individual devotional journey.

Then dig deeper.

Delving deeply into the transformative rhythm of Repentance & Belief. The profoundly impacting re:FORM course equips participants in how to identify and overcome their old nature, and become the pneumatikos (spiritual person). Includes proven dynamics of growth: Spiritual; Relational; Experiential; and Instructional. Includes a mid-course retreat to engage with God in a new way.

Great for regular impacting discipleship programs.

Be a part of the growing Spirit & Truth Community


Packed with all you need for your next steps of development.


Malcolm Campbell – Pastor
Malcolm CampbellWhat the world desperately needs is not band-aid solutions to complex problems, but men and women who are experiencing ongoing deep inner transformation that comes from following Christ. What Patrick Hegarty has developed is far more than just another small group curriculum or church wide campaign, it is a well researched, theologically sound resource that has the very real potential to bring about the kind of inner and outer life transformation that Jesus spoke about in the Gospels. After taking our church through his material, the universal testimony was of the the Spirit bringing about significant change in every life.

Catherine Doocey – Psychologist
Patrick’s curricula are outstanding. The way he takes biblical principles and truths, links them with the spiritual element, all the while aligning with evidence-based psychological (behaviourally-based) theory has the power to transform the way people view God, themselves, and others.

As a Christian Psychologist, I look for the linkages between behavioural science and spirituality in what I read and learn. I can see these linkages clearly in Pat’s material. What he includes from a spiritual perspective aligns with what psychological science is discovering. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his material to anyone seeking to understand more about who they are as a person, and more importantly, who they are in Christ.

Tanja Hagedorn – Course Facilitator

Pat’s style of teaching is inspiring, relevant and fearlessly to the point, cutting through questions and possible offences – often before they arise.  He captivates his audience as he doesn’t just speak to the mind, but to the heart. But what makes it truly great to learn from him is that he is real.  He relates to people’s journeys in his teaching, mentoring and friendships, because his own life continues to be a journey in which it is never about him, but about his Dad, our Father God.  Always.

DavidHam_test1David Ham – Psychologist.
Through the material we have seen most participants in our Church experiencing new joy and freedom in worship, and unprecedented vitality in their walk with God. Many have identified spiritual gifts and are now using them in different areas in the Church. Others have significantly changed their lifestyles as God has shown them areas that were not given over to Him.

Nicci1Nicci – Participant.
I was in a hugely vulnerable personal place and was very hungry for more of anything and everything The Lord had to give. I came away renewed and restored, even in a time of great sadness. I was changed and with a new understanding of who I was in Christ.

EddieZ1Eddie Zeballos – Pastor.
The solid scriptural foundation and the spiritual manifestation at the Encounter weekends resourced me with a perfect balance for metamorphosis. As for the impact of having run this course for my church three times, the testimonials have been absolutely outstanding and life changing.

AlexH1Alex – Participant.
Patrick guides people to freedom in Christ through his material and leadership. He is gifted in making complicated things make sense. There were so many ‘ah-ha!’ moments throughout the courses where things I’d been trying to understand just clicked.

Every resource and principle you find here is proven to work in the lives of thousands of Christians everywhere. Countless lives have been transformed; giftings activated; leaders trained; and churches equipped.

If you want your people to engage powerfully with God and each other in their journey of development, these are the tools for you.